Web Programming

Indeed, developing a website is a very difficult task. Techniques and a lot of creativity are needed in order to catch up with the modern times we are living right now. Among the numerous ways wherein we could develop a website are the Cascading Style Sheets Layout [CSS Layout] and the Table Layout. There a lot of people debating on what is really more convenient to use, the CSS Layout or the Table Layout. Therefore, I believe, this paper would be a great help in evaluating which is really the most convenient one to use among the said two ways in developing a website.

In this paper, we are going to describe the characteristics of the said ways to build a website. Then after describing the two, we are now going to compare and contrast the characteristics of the two and their respective advantages and disadvantages to one another. The CSS Layout According to the article of DomainsAreFree, CSS are used by web page authors and readers in order to characterize the colors, fonts, layouts and other aspects of file management.

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from the separation of the document presentation and structure like improved content accessibility, greater flexibility and control over the specification of the presentational characteristics and a reduced complexity of the structural content (DomainsAreFree, 2006). Advantages CSS Layout separates the HTML tags which seize the page content from the presentation styles that are found in the external style sheet results in cleaner code that is easier to modify and debug. Its cleaner code enables the programmer to disable a user in a more accessible manner.

Through the aid of CSS, it is now easy to change color scheme, fonts and layouts. The background color that is defined in the body tag which serves as the parent of the rest of the HTML tags in the page is can be acquired by the children tags (csuponoma, 2007). Disadvantages Under the CSS Layout, there is still a need for an extra download to import style information on every file that is made. The provision of the file can be delayed until the external style sheet is loaded. CSS does not separate style information into the content.

It cannot also control styles under multiple files at once. Here, the author could not manage classes of elements to control multiple element types within the file (FYIcenter. com, 2006). The Table Layout This web page layout exhibits the content of the whole family tree in a grid format. Mainly used for the reason that it enables the author to display tabular data’s on the web site. Advantages The said type of layout is found to be useful in searching for information, categorization of data’s, assemble statistics and find the way in a family tree.

Moreover, the content of the table can be duplicated to the clipboard and inserted to the spread sheet or to keep to disk. Disadvantages Under the Table Layout, the sizes of the files becomes unnecessarily large and this also makes a redesigning of the existing sites and this makes the development of web site more labor extensive thus, making it more expensive to develop. Another disadvantage is, Table Layout makes it hard to uphold illustration uniformity all over the site (Seybold, 2003).


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