War essays

Ideas of Just War

St. Augustine’s argument that war was sometimes a “necessary evil” was seconded by St. Thomas Aquinas, but Aquinas sanctioned war against unbelievers only when Christians are threatened with harm, and even then, only when toleration is unsustainable (Evans 3). Thus, at least for him, the Crusades were not sufficiently just. Evans explained that “the failure …

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The Second World War

The Second World War brought upon earth some of the most tragic and horrific incidents which has left a scar forever. All parts of the world from the Far East to Far West were shattered to different extents. People from different countries and communities bore the brunt of this ill-fated war. The epicenter of this …

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Console Wars

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of teachers more than standardized tests. Many weeks are spent preparing students to do well on state mandated achievement tests. In addition to teaching students how to take standardized tests, teachers spend a great deal of time stressed and panicked about how well their students will perform. When public …

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