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A Proposed Science/Lab Activity: On Magnetism

As for the Science class, Differentiated Instruction could also be employed. The same purpose, structure and elements as differentiation in Math class could be used in Science class (Hall, Strangman, & Meyer, 2003). In employing the differentiation strategy here are the three most important techniques: First, diagnostic evaluations can really help the teachers in determining …

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Reputation of Science

The history of modern science is relatively new, starting 400 years back with Galileo, Copernicus and Newton (Adler, 2002). However in this short duration science has made unprecedented progress and advancements, completely transforming the manner of our living. Scientific progress has followed an exponential path of growth, with the number of new discoveries and technological …

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Web science

Communication and expression is undoubtedly the primary reason for the concept of internet. Through ages the digital and electronic media has evolved with the growing demands of the consumers. The demand to communicate in a better way, the demand for a better understanding of the digital communication, the demand for a cost-effective approach and to …

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