People essays

Individual Reflection on a Group Project

In the modern organization, group orientation is a common aspect of success. From daily operations to such events as mergers, acquisitions and roundtable discussion of business practices, organizations often require specialized subsets of personnel to collaborate to address specific projects and needs. Therefore, an aptitude for team work is a desired quality in defining a …

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People and country

Whenever I would come upon the word “frontier” before, I would imagine scenes from period Hollywood westerns and movies about old American settlements. This was the time before the concept of industrialization and urbanization have crept themselves into vocabulary of the people and country. I think of that period in history when the Indians, the …

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Forgiveness & people

If one of your close friends betrayed you by speaking ill of you, will you accept her/his apology after the remarkable episode? What if somebody accidentally spilled hot chocolate to your dress in a party, can you just simply say “It’s okay. Don’t bother? ” Your father turned to have a second family aside from …

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