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Money-Back Guarantee

We respect each and every client and process their orders on a one-to-one basis, looking at all the peculiarities of the work. One of our primary rules is to be honest with our clients; therefore we want to let you know a bit more about our money-back guarantee in particular. The realization of reciprocal obligations by purchasers and our team enables us to work with confidence, assisting you the best way possible.

The money back feature is rarely needed by our customers as we're able to complete orders of various intricacy levels; still, we think that such chance must be granted at all times. Our company provides our clients with the ability to have their work revised, to ensure each demand is fulfilled.

Trying to receive a refund, you'll want to make certain that your case matches the explanation of the circumstances laid down below. We should point out that only in some cases you have got a possibility to refund all your money paid.

100% refund

  1. In case you have made two identical orders
    Having placed two orders that are identical, all you need to do is speak to our customer support team and tell us of such an accident. We should highlight that you will not have the opportunity to return the whole sum in case we've already found a writer and began working on of your task; hence, it is advisable for you to fill out the order form mindfully and doublecheck every little thing.
  2. Your order is canceled before we find the writer
    Under these conditions, you can receive a full refund. If we have not chosen a professional by the time you call the order off, you can always receive a 100 % refund without any problems.
  3. Not enough free writers
    Our company works only with specialists who have a wide-ranging knowledge of various fields, but even for experienced workers, it sometimes can be very tough to cope with a heavy workload .
  4. Made one order - paid twice
    We're very thorough with all the deals, but sometimes even such a mistakes might be unintentionally made. Having realized that you were charged twice - you just need to inform our customer support team about what happened. For this reason, we recommend you to save all the receipts as a proof of your purchase.

Partial refund

Such a refund can be fulfilled when your case is deemed as matching one of those described down below in this sub-section:

  1. Delays in delivery
    Unfortunately, even working with all due responsibility there might be some unpredictable things. In this instance there might be some factors that affect the refund sum, so every single case is discussed with the buyer. To avoid this kind of situations, the customers should be very careful as well. As an example, in some cases, the writer does not get all the essential documents from the client in time, provided that they're necessary to complete the order the right way. It's obvious that under these circumstances getting a refund is not possible. Having made your order, make sure that you've sent us all the required documents and files which can be useful or vital for your task.
  2. The work on your task has been started, but you want to call off the order
    Due to the fact that we have to pay for our writer’s effort and time, you could be provided with a refund of around 70%. Bear in mind that cancelling your order past the midway point to the deadline allows you to receive about 50% of the spent money.
  3. Claims after receiving a finished order
    In case you aren't pleased with the result, we offer you a possibility for your claims to be analyzed by our staff. The refund would depend on whether your complaints are well-founded and justifiable enough. Despite the fact that usually our customers’ requirements are fulfilled, and they are happy with the papers provided by our specialists, we're always ready to hear all the feedback on our services to make them even better.
  4. Plagiarized works
    It is possible to notify us about any materials in your work, which have been put to use without proper referencing. It'd help us refine the uniqueness of our papers, and you, in return, would get a partial refund or revision option.

No refund

  1. You got a lower mark than anticipated
    You can be sure that our experts do their best to provide our clients with only premium-quality papers, but the mark you receive for it is composed of not just the written work alone but also of your presentation and the teacher’s ways of estimation.
  2. Choosing "polishing services" (formatting, proofreading, editing)
    We want you to be informed that when you ask us to perform proofreading, formatting or editing, we cannot modify the content of your paper. So, we take zero responsibility for any potential complaints concerning the content of your paper.

Money-back process

Once we confirm that your request for a refund is justifiable, it'll take no more than five business days for your money to be paid off. It's very important for us to underscore that we don’t pertain to any difficulties which involve any other companies (financial institutions etc.).

Together with all transaction fees, the money-back option is available only when its total amount is larger than 10 USD. Additionally, we can offer you to keep the refund money on your account so that you can use it for potential orders.