Mass Destruction weapon essays

Mass Destructions

Weapons of mass destructions can be considered the most devastative weapons that can cause massive injuries both to humans, animals, and structures. Developed during the turn of the 21st Century, it has both an immediate and after effects that can cause damages to properties, death, social implications, environmental problems, economic problems, and even political turmoil. …

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Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment and Use of Force

One of the main concerns of the people is to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from harm. In the advent of terrorists’ attacks and increasing criminal rates, the people have more reason to fear for their safety. Advancements in science and technology gave way to the creation of various weapons and personal protection …

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Weapons, Personal Protection Equipment

Life is filled with dangers and struggles. Regardless of how the government ensures the safety of individual members of society, there always exist people with harmful and malicious intents. In addition, there are not enough law enforcers available to help whenever an individual is threatened of harm by others. Learning to defend one’s self is …

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