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Information Systems

This study may not be achievable without the cooperation, guidance and support and of some persons and organizations. University adopted Supervisor Dr. —PQR—(Your prof. ), Lecturer, Department of Department of Accounting/ Financial Management, ABC University, was the resource of the inspiration and motivation to this Thesis effort. He has provided vital assistance along all the …

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An Information System

An Information System (IS) is the coordination of personnel, data records and activities that process the facts and information in a specified setup, including manual processes or computerized processes. The term information system has diverse meanings: a) In computer security, an information system is described by three objects: i) Structure: – Repositories, Holds records permanent …

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Problem of information

The increasing of Internet resources brings up the problem of information overload, quality enhancement, which means that people want to read the most interesting messages, and avoid having to read low-quality or uninteresting messages. Web filtering is the activity of classifying a stream of incoming web pages dispatched in an asynchronous way by an information …

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