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Poor countries

Globalization is a much-maligned word in political, intellectual and academic circles. The markets are flooded with Anti globalist works. Anti globalists have such literary and intellectual stars such as Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel prize winner and best-selling author-‘Globalization and its discontents’) vouching for their arguments. In this scenario comes “ In defense of Globalization’ by Jagdish …

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Human Development Index In The Third World Countries

Organizations like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization have played catalytic role in shaping the global economy. Two world wars and current scourge of terrorism has helped the countries of the world to realize the worth of cooperation. It did not take long to realize that unless the mankind prospers uniformly, …

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People and country

Whenever I would come upon the word “frontier” before, I would imagine scenes from period Hollywood westerns and movies about old American settlements. This was the time before the concept of industrialization and urbanization have crept themselves into vocabulary of the people and country. I think of that period in history when the Indians, the …

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