Climate essays

Weathering and Soil

Weathering is the breakdown and state alteration of rocks at or near the surface of the earth through a set of physical, chemical and biological processes. Both rocks and soil undergo changes either physically, through disintegration, or chemically, through decomposition. This processes frequently involves water as an agent as it is the direct cause of …

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Weather And Climate

“The Great Global Warming Swindle” documentary was aired on 8th March 2007 in the channel 4 screen. The documentary was confiscating global warming is not as a result of the green house gases which in turn results from human activities. This contradicts the scientific consensus for the causes of climate change and the campaign for …

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Climate change

Climate change has been tagged as one of the greatest threats facing the world today. It has been found that the cyclones, melting of ice and rising sea level which causes tsunami and heavy flooding are manifestations of the changing climate (Emanuel, 668). Contributing factors are the greenhouse gases which are also the wrongdoings of …

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