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Senior high-school students face a serious dilemma. They must choose the route they will be following for the next couple of years. And once they decide on their dream school, it’s time to start preparations to get enrolled in a good school and secure bright future perspectives.

If you are about to go through the college admissions process, you realize pretty well that a college application essay might be the most important piece of writing in your life.

A great college essay is a winning ticket that can make you one step closer to your dream. But if you fail, you risk being rejected by the admissions committee.

You do not want to end up having all your hopes for the bright future destroyed because you failed that one paper. That is why we are gearing you up with a powerful weapon — knowledge. On our site, you can get writing tips and check good college essay examples and find appealing college essay topics.

But first, let us show you how we can help you accomplish your goals with our free database of samples.

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  • Browse thousands of college essay examples on various topics (not only application ones). We have a vast database of college papers in any field, including college admissions essays and personal essay samples, to help you find an interesting topic. Study our examples to learn more about different types and ways of writing.
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Let’s get back to the topic of college admissions writing and learn how you can get it approved.

First, the college admission essay speaks volumes about you. It is the chance to show what hidden behind your GPA score, SAT subject tests (including SAT Math, SAT Reading, and SAT Writing). As a high-school senior student, you should demonstrate your abilities and show what person you are. A perfect college essay might help you with that, so use our college application tips to prepare for admissions and write a good paper.

Free College Essays Examples by topic

Tips on Composing a College Application Essay

Put yourself in the right mood

Writing a proper application essay is difficult but not impossible. You might be surprised how easier it can become if you have a positive frame of mind. Try to perceive this task as not something that can be your doom but as a golden ticket capable of changing your life for the better.

Think in advance

Even if crafting a great college application essay doesn’t sound like a tall order for you, don’t procrastinate too much. The last thing you would want to happen is to fail during the college application process because of poor time management. Always have the deadline date in mind and start writing no later than two weeks before it. That way, you’ll have enough time to think about your essay’s content and polish its form.

Be systematic

If you are applying to several educational establishments, they usually have different requirements for their college application essays. Create a file where you would organize all the necessary information: deadlines of submission, format, size, essay prompts, your progress, or anything else you deem relevant.

Study the college essay topics

Read the instructions carefully and determine the size, format, and style of the application you are going to write.

Some colleges may offer common app prompts, while others will want you to write an essay on a specific topic. In case your college gives you the freedom to choose among the common application essay prompts, you can use the Common App site to apply for college admission.

Define the goal of the chosen prompt. That is, whether admissions officers want you to inform something new, support, depend or expand upon the subject matter from your unique perspective.

Carefully examine all possible topics and pick the one worth writing on.

Do brainstorming exercises

Once you have chosen a topic, brainstorm ideas. Think of the facts, moments from your life, or experience you can use in your essay to support it and make your personal statement strong enough to convince the committee.

Write down every single idea that springs to your mind. Sometimes ideas appear out of nowhere, and you can be caught with the “Aha!” moment in a shopping mall. So be sure you have a notebook to write your ideas down.

Narrow down your list to 4-5 strongest and most relevant examples that would fit your essay.

Structure your writing

Create an outline that includes all the main points you want to cover. It doesn’t have to be your basic essay outline with three sections. Application essays give their writers more freedom in this respect. Sketching out your draft will allow you to better shape and express your ideas during the writing process. If you struggle with this part, you can read college essay examples on our site to see how other applicants went about their papers.

Make your first draft

After all the ideas are brainstormed and your outline is complete, compose your first draft. You may write in any convenient way for you. If you prefer writing everything from the introduction to the conclusion in one go, go ahead. If you are capable of writing a coherent story while jumping from one paragraph to another during the creative process, that is also fine. What is important is whether you manage to craft a great essay.

Proofread carefully

As the most challenging part of your college application essay is over, proceed with an equally important stage — proofreading and editing. Few good writers expect to create a masterpiece from the first try. All great papers require thorough editing.

  • Put your essay aside for an hour or two after finishing writing. Once you come back, you will be able to have a better, unbiased perspective.
  • Find and correct logical and structural errors first. Then fix spelling or grammar mistakes, if any.
  • Read your essay out loud — it is a great way to ensure the text is perceived easily and is free of any typos.
  • Ask someone you trust to read your paper. Other people might spot things you would have never noticed.

Writing a college application paper is no picnic. Apart from essay writing tips, you can also get good college essay examples and college essay topics to have higher chances during your admission process.

Recent college essay examples

Why Read College Essay Examples

Good college essay examples are a great visual aid for those struggling to write a winning college application paper. With our numerous college essay examples, you can overcome writer’s block, be sure that every paper you’re examining:

  • Is written by a competent student
  • Adheres to standards of writing
  • Was checked by an expert in the field
  • Contains a strong personal statement example

However, many specialists debate whether it is good to read someone’s college application essays for inspiration. That’s because what you expect to help you might play tricks sometimes. In rare cases, you may get confused even more or fake your personal voice and ideas. But when done right, we assure you that you will only benefit from learning from the experience of other applicants.

By checking examples of college application essays, you can generate more ideas for your own writing. Sometimes, you might feel stuck without knowing where to start, so a few samples that have already proved their value could be a good starting point to begin working on your own essay.

It may happen that you not only get inspiration, but you acquire a powerful motivation to study better or compose a better piece of writing.

No matter what works for you, by composing an excellent college submission essay, you can finally get a decent chance of getting enrolled in the college of your dream and having better career prospects in the long run.